History of Fortification Study Centre

Questions of the History of Fortification. Issue 7. 2020



Yuriy Yuriyevich Morgunov and Old-Russian fortification study

Alexei Georgievich Nechaev – life and creative work


Nossov K. S. Zaraysk allocation lists of 1637, 1638 and 1640

Jastrzebski J. Defence of Modlin in 1915. The report, lectured on organization meeting of the Fortification Section of the Society of Military Knowledge. March 25, 1926. Part 2


Karelin D. A., Sheehan P., Karelina M. A., Zhitpeleva T. I. Reconstruction of Roman fortress Babylon in Egypt


Morgunov Y. Y. To the methodology of archaeological study of gorodishchensky ramparts

Koval V. Yu. Problems of scientific reconstruction of timber-earth fortifications of Eastern Europe forest belt in the Middle Ages


Medved A. N. Underground floor of the Kosmodamianskaya Tower of Kitay-gorod Fortress – hypothesis and reconstructions

Petrov D. A. Reconstructive work in the Novgorod Kremlin in the 1580s: the construction of «roskats»

Nechaev A. G. The issue of katki on curtain walls of Russian timber fortresses in the 16th–17th cc.

Nechaev A. G. An attempt of reconstructing the Spasskaya Tower of Kasimov Fortress of 1671

Nossov K. S. Underground tunnels in the second half of the 17th century Kiev Fortress

Nossov K. S. About rectangular towers of the Tula Kremlin

Kushniarevich A. N. Iconografic materials of 16th – 19th centuries as a source of incastelation of Sofia Cathedral in Polotsk


Avilov R. S. Nikolayevsk on Amur Fortress and the problem of fortification security of the lower Amur and its mouth in 1906–1914: ideas, projects, discussions

Pivovarchik S. A. The Grodno Fortress: preparation and participation in the Great War (1914–1918)

Nikiforov D. N. Field defensive lines in the zone of responsibility of the 25-th Army constructed during the Great Patriotic War in the direction to Voroshylov-Ussurijsky сity (Ussurijsk). Along with materials of field investigations. Part 2

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