History of Fortification Study Centre

Questions of the History of Fortification. Issue 5. 2015



Petrov D.A. The architecture  of the Moscow Kremlin Beklemishevskaya Tower

Fedunkiv Z. The evolution of defensive structures of bastion regular castles of West Ukraine

Slavnitskii N.R. Building and repair work financing principles in northwest Russia’s fortresses in the first half of the 18th century

Kalinin V.I., Kradin N.P., Avilov R.S. Blockhouses standing guard on the line of the Chinese Eastern railway

Kalinin V.I., Panasenko А.Е. The Pacific fleet coastal flag command post “Granit” or the Three lives of the Suvorov Fort

Nikiforov D.N. 305 mm howitzers M1915 in the Iman Fortified Region. The history of the formation and military service of the 295th Independent Super Heavy Artillery Division


from 5th conference of the HFSC (May 2–11, 2013, Kaliningrad – Poland)

Leont’ev A.E. Ruins of fortified settlement Es’ki on the Mologa River. Defences in the flood plain.

Nossov K.S. Byk and roskat in the 17th century – construction variants

Bukanova R.G. Peter I about Russia’s fortresses

Muratova S.R. Towns-fortresses on the 18th century Siberian lines

Martynyuk A.P. The old and new Fridland gates in Kőnigsberg: some information and facts from the history of their building and service

Kas’yanov N.V. Vladivostok Fortress: architectural-landscape monument